Faces of the Accordion

Saturday 25 May 2024, 7:30pm 

Jakub Hubicki presents Faces of the Accordion

“A musical journey of Polish music to all corners of the world”

Faces of the Accordion presented by Polish-born Perth-based Jakub Hubicki will take the audience on a musical journey through Poland, France, Brazil, New Orleans, and lively Roma Villages of Eastern Europe. Jakub’s technical mastery of the accordion brings to life songs such as Hej Sokoly, Libertango, Samba Tico-Tico, and Pod Dachami Paryza.

Not only will Jakub present a suite of energetic folk songs, he will share his knowledge of the history of the accordion, as well as interesting elements and facts about regional songs.

Prices: $25 / Person 


About Jakub Hubicki: 

Jakub Hubicki is a Polish accordionist living in Perth Western Australia. Playful yet introspective his melodic style reflects his love of Balkan, Orient, and Jazz music. He composes and performs for solo and small group projects that vary from duos to small ensembles.

A graduate of the Academy of Music in Katowice majoring and specialising in instrumental jazz on accordion. Jakub is not just a musician; but is a storyteller, a poet, and a master of melodies. His musical journey is a tapestry of emotions woven together with passion, creativity, and a profound love for the art of sound.

Since 2011 Jakub has performed in Poland and abroad including Germany, France, Estonia, USA, Australia, Slovakia and Hungary.